Your Thoughts Become Your Reality #IYP


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Your Thoughts Become Your Reality #IYP

Ahh, ya rite but only if you actually believe what the phuck it is you are thinking in the first place. What do I mean by that, well after 10 years in the soto zen game as well as the mind and mental development game I have come to the understanding that thinking it and saying it (even out loud) is one thing, but truly believing it and visualizing it as if it was already yours....Well know that is something completely different and next level. Truth be told far from easy and something I am still working on! And will be until my last breath n this beautiful planet!

However we do all need to start somewhere, and that somewhere needs to be, has to be in our minds, so that no matter what is step one. This means the self talk, so right away how we talk to ourselves in our own head has to change. So as I look back yes that is the start of the path, we must at some point go from that voice inside ourselves saying " Yo you loser, you aint shit, your fat, your dumb, you can't" or whatever else crazy crap we can think up, it has to switch. For me trying to be gentler to myself from the voice on the inside was a huge game changer. Just telling yourself that you can, instead of telling yourself that you can't it please let's start there.

So the key word in the paragraph before was telling yourself. You caught that right! So where I am at now and as I am sure a lot of you are as well is we now need to go from telling it (which again saying it out-loud, screaming it from the roof tops are all a MUST). We now have to get into believing it, knowing it, visualizing it, and basically creating it. Personally I find this part a little more difficult, a little more straining or better yet mentally taxing as it is all mental.

The best way I can describe it would be when you see a professional or top ranked athlete prepare for what ever it is they do "boxer, mma fighter, skier, biker, you name it. You can watch them for minutes up to hours a day visualizing (prior) to the actual event happening. They seem (to me anyway) go into a trance, a focus, a meditation call it what you want, but they get into their own heads and create (or try to) the outcome of the situation they are about to embark on.

So for me and you as well, lets make this next level a focus moving forward!

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