FRIENDS Ross And Rachel Were On A Break: Savannah Rodin


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The one where Taylor is joined by writer/actor Savannah Rodin (THE BIG SHOW SHOW (Netflix), EXTREMELY WICKED, SHOCKINGLY EVIL AND VILE (Netflix)) who died defending the most controversial relationship in TV history. RIP Sav (and also Taylor who died of embarrassment after making a "the one where __" joke!!)!!

BONUS: WHY ROSS SUCKS by Friends expert Jessica Connor (Chicago Shakespeare Theatre):

1. Lied about his and Rachel's annulment

2. Forced out of his job for anger issues

3. Absent father (is Ben alive?)

4. Tried to make out with his cousin one time

5. Co-founder of the I Hate Rachel Green Club

6. Had a monkey and let it run amok in other peoples apartments

7. Has a problem with his male nanny / with Ben playing with a doll

8. said the wrong name at his wedding

9. He gets some points back for his spray tan, leather pants, and seamless ability to get rid of his fake accent.

10. But otherwise he just sucks


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