Former NBA Star Delonte West Publicly Hits Rock Bottom! Joe Budden Vs. Eminem Heats Back Up & A SPECIAL Message From The HHU Podcast!


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Delonte West has been struggling as of late. Every few months, a new video comes out of West sitting on the streets, looking disheveled and defeated. West used to play in the NBA so his recent state has come as a shock to fans around the league. It's well-documented that West has suffered from mental illness and has been trying to get help for a while. What has been happening with West is truly sad and heartbreaking for those who have both watched and played with him.

Just yesterday, more footage came out which showed West in a vulnerable position. There was even one clip where West was beaten in the middle of the street. These clips were quite disturbing and eventually led to a call for action on social media. Now, people close to the sports community are rallying around West to see if they can get him some help.

It's unclear as to what can be done for West although many are hoping he can find peace and get back to being himself. You never want to see another human being become so vulnerable, especially when they used to have it all.

Stay tuned for updates on this situation as we will be sure to bring you the latest.

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