Harvey Weinstein Found GUILTY As Rape! Kobe Bryant Remembered & More!


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With Monday's guilty verdicts on two charges -- third-degree rape and of a criminal sex act -- at Harvey Weinstein's New York trial, the question now turns to what’s next for the former Hollywood film producer considering he’s facing similar charges in California.

Immediately following the verdict, Judge James Burke – who presided over the trial – remanded the disgraced movie mogul to jail, where he’ll likely sit until his sentencing, until he’s transported to face trial in California.

“These next few weeks likely will be the toughest in Harvey Weinstein’s life,” San Diego criminal defense attorney David P. Shapiro – who is not involved in the matter – told Fox News on Monday following the decision. “Whether in the infirmary or protective custody, a man who once ran Hollywood is now uncertain if he will ever be free again.”

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