#17 - Satire & Empire: Discussing T.C. Haliburton and 'The Clockmaker'


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In which we do something new on the show by bringing in a guest! Topics include reactions to progressive changes in Canada and imperialist satire. Using T.C. Haliburton's seminal comedy 'The Clockmaker', we explore the other side of the more liberal sentiments forming in the 1830s. -- Canada's cultural history has long been overlooked. Through the use of the literature and cultural items that have come out of the Great White North, explore the history of Canada and the people that shaped its unique features in North America. -- You can reach me for questions or suggestions at historiacanadiana@gmail.com, Twitter @CanLitHistory, and on the Historia Canadiana Facebook page. -- You can support the show through Ko-Fi (ko-fi.com/historiacanadiana) & PayPal (paypal.me/historiacanadiana) Check out the recommended reading list: https://historiacanadiana.wordpress.com/books/

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