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What happened in Masonic History Today?

Today in Masonic History Leon Abbett passes away in 1894.


Today we Bro. Mitch Denning out of Tennessee. He recently headed upa project for a lodge documentary for his lodge (Portland Lodge No. 326) which we preaviously featured in Ep 19. Brother Denning having a background in film did an amazing job on the project and joins us today to share a bit of the behind the sceens story with us as well as give some insight on how you could go about doing a similar project for your lodges history. Dont miss out on this one and make sure to connect with Brother Denning as well as Portland Lodge.

Find Brother Denning at: Mitch.Denning1@gmail.com



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In Episode 20 we annouced we were doing a giveaway to celebrate the milestone. We received many email submissions and truly appreciate all of you for your support and participation. We plugged all the names into a random name picker online and we are happy to announce the lucky winner is Brother Mike Russell. Congradulations!

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