Episode 9: Nazi Punks Fuck Off, Pt 2: Claude Cahun


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As you know, we're not a fan of Nazis. In part two of our (what will very likely be ongoing) series on badass Nazi-fighting queer anti-fascists we discuss the genderqueer, surrealist artist and Nazi resistance fighter Claude Cahun! Teen love to stepsisters to lifelong partners in art and resistance? Lovers literally saving each others lives more than once? Taking a break from sunbathing and walking their cat on a leash in middle age to spread anti-fascist propaganda and lower morale among the invading German forces? Gender is a performance, what? Classic Claude Cahun (and Marcel Moore)! So say it with us again, "Nazi punks, fuck off" this time with surrealism.

Outline0:00 – Introduction2:19 – Content Warnings4:05 – Historical Context: Dreyfus Affair and 'New Women' in France9:13 – Who Were They? Bio Time23:22-28:32 – Fun Segment: Word of the Week1:00:14 – Why Do We Think They're Gay?1:17:51 – Pop Culture Tie In1:19:01 – How Gay Were They?1:24:57 – Closing and Where to Find us Online

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