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In the summer of 1987 four young DJs from London took a trip to the Mediterranean Island of Ibiza for a birthday celebration.

On their first night they attended an ecstasy-fueled party at club Amnesia, dancing under the stars to a mix of techno and house music played by legendary DJ Alfredo.

The experience was life changing and when the four DJs returned home to London they organized some of the city’s first all night raves and were instrumental in pioneering a massive youth culture movement that spread from the UK, through Europe and around North America.

On this episode of History of the 90s, host Kathy Kenzora looks back at the rise and fall of 90s rave culture and how the movement continues to be felt today.

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Scott Fraser: Club Owner, Manager, Entrepreneur in the entertainment scene in Toronto in the 80’s & 90’s including legendary clubs THE FACTORY & OZ.

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Scot Turner: Radio broadcaster who worked at alternative 102.1 CFNY in the 80’s and was Program Director for dance music station Energy 108 in the 90’s.

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