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On this episode we are digging into the archive of Host Kathy Kenzora’s previous podcast the History of 1995 to bring you the incredible life and death story of the Toronto subway crash.

On August 11, 1995, a TTC subway train crashed into the back of a stopped train killing three women and injuring dozens of others in Canada’s deadliest accident on a rapid transit system. The driver of the train that caused the crash was on his second day on the job after receiving just 12 days of training.

Rescuers worked for hours to free trapped passengers from the twisted metal, in unbearably hot conditions. A trauma doctor had to be called in from a nearby hospital to amputate the legs of two passengers who could not be freed by firefighters.

Kenzora covered an inquest into the crash that revealed that the rookie driver at the centre of the crash ran three red lights before his train smashed into the back of the stopped subway. The inquest also revealed a host of safety problems and malfunctioning equipment at the TTC which all played a part in the collision.


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