Chapter IV - Steve Kostan


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Part One: (Running Time: 15:27)

  • Steve’s radio journey growing up in Detroit and going to Redford Detroit high school. Attending Lawrence Tech, O.C.C., and Western. Dan Carlyle taking Steve under his wing. The first gig a WABX.

Part Two: (Running Time: 32:24)

  • Turing down WPLJ in New York and getting hired by WRIF. Playing Pine Knob in 1981 with the Dick The Bruiser Band. Local bands and the power line-up of WRIF in the 80s with Arthur P., Ken Calvert and Karen Savelly.

Part Three: (Total Time: 52:21)

  • A not so great interview with Lou Reed. Being inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Steve's thoughts on the city of Detroit and the legacy of WRIF.

(Total Time: 1:11:45)


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