Chapter VIII - Steve Black


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Part One: (Running Time: 15:28)

Weekend Personality and syndicated radio host Steve Black talks about growing up in Flint and listening to WWCK along with the Detroit stations WRIF and WLLZ. Steve’s journey from dreaming of being a Foley Artist to becoming a musician and finally a DJ.

Part Two: (Running Time: 25:00)

  • The Ted Nugent years. Steve and Mike explore the rivalry between Z-Rock and WRIF. Becoming the co-host for the Ted Nugent Morning show and the mammoth task of competing with Drew & Mike.

Part Three: (Running Time: 38:18)

  • Steve joins a Riff staff in 2003 that includes Drew & Mike, Doug Podell, Arthur P., Meltdown and Screamin’ Scott. Creating the Chop Shop syndicated guitar show in 2004 and some of the 1500 plus career interviews with artists like Rob Zombie and Slash.

Part Four: (Running Time: 58:13)

  • Steve’s syndication business expands, his first wife Sabrina’s illness and working with Detroit-based charities like Gilda’s Club. Plus his stories of working with Dave & Chuck The Freak, Meltdown, Arthur P and what has made WRIF so strong for 49 years and counting.


1. Part 2 - The Ted Nugent Years (00:15:29)

2. Part 3 - The Riff Years (00:25:00)

3. Part 4 - The Chop Shop and Sabrina Years (00:38:18)

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