Chapter XII - Drew Lane Part 2


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Part One: (Running Time: 18:04)

Drew Lane (Drew and Mike) continues his conversation with Mike Staff touching on Delbert, Davie Lee Roth, and the value of paying your dues.

Part Two: (Running Time: 32:03)

  • Recounting the 9-11 show, Woodstock 94, Cold Call celebrity hang-ups and Drew talks about the role of his producers.

Part Three: (Running Time: 47:58)

  • Drew and Marc move to 105.1 The Sports Station and have to deal with questionable programing and talk about the late 1990s as Howard Stern, Ted Nugent, Danny Bonaduce, and Bill Bonds all had talk shows.

Part Four: (Running Time: 66:22)

  • Drew’s relationship with Mike during the 22 year run on WRIF, the astounding success of the show and their evolution into Podcasting.

Part Four: (Running Time: 90:10)

  • The final years at WRIF, Drew’s thoughts on Dave and Chuck The Freak, the loss of Mike Clark and the staying power of The Riff as it approaches the 50th


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