Hive Talkin with C.Marina Marchese & Howland Blackiston co-authors of Honey For Dummies


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I’m delighted to be Hive Talkin all things honey with Howland Blackieston and C.Marina Marchese co-authors of the new book Honey For Dummies.

Howland is an experience backyard beekeeper, entertaining public speaker, and a dab hand at building beehives. He’s also the author of Beekeeping for Dummies. The very first beekeeping book I ever bought and which I still keep in my apiary for reference.

And C.Marina Marchese who you may know as the Honey Sommelier. Marina is the first US citizen to be accepted as a member of the Italian National Register of Honey Experts and is the founder and president of The American Honey Tasting Society.

At the time this episode was produced Honey for Dummies is currently available from and (kindle version) on Amazon. To find out more about Howland and Marina head to or follow on social media @honeysommelier or follow on social media @howlandblackiston
and please remember ... always make sure the source of your honey is traceable and if you can then please support your local beekeeper. You're bound to have one!

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