Hive Talkin with Rae Howell - Composer of Bee-Sharp Honeybee


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Is the buzz of the hive language or music? Beekeepers and scholars have pondered this question for centuries but my guest took this question a step further and studied the frequencies of bee buzz and matched it to musical notes.. creating orchestral music.
In this episode, I'm Hive Talkin with acclaimed Australian composer and multi-instrumentalist Rae Howell. Also the founding director of Sunwrae: a touring ensemble, label, and sheet music publisher, she works across a broad range of genres in collaboration with performing and visual artists and has been a visiting composer for numerous projects and residencies all around the world.

But it’s her exciting music project with live honeybees, a full-string orchestra, and a visual extravaganza that I really wanted to talk to her about!
You can follow Rae and her projects on social media @sunwrae or the composition we discuss @beesharphoneybee. Head to to watch the full piece with the amazing visuals or Rae's website for more information on her full body of work.

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