Politics of the Dance Floor: Solidarity


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Raving is community, solidarity, contact. A club can be a safer space, especially for People of Color, Black people and LGBTQ+ people. How do the communities bridge the pandemic void? What mechanisms of social exclusion exist even in the music scene and club culture? And what role does gentrification play? In the first episode of the Politics of the Dance Floor podcast, Erkan Affan speaks with Yuko Asanuma, Lakuti and Jay Jay Revlon about solidarity. They discuss participation, the advantages and disadvantages of online DJ sets and why it’s always work to show solidarity with others. Songs: Gil Scott-Heron: The Bottle KAJAMA: Ashes to Ashes SHYGIRL: UCKERS Cardi B: Miss Corona Cunt (JayJay Revlon Vogue Edit) Contact Transmission: https://www.transmissionnet.org transmission.platform@gmail.com https://www.instagram.com/transmission_net/ Image: Opashona Ghosh: A New World is Possible, 2020

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