Ep.17 Neil Dunsire | FRIENDSHIP


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Neil Dunsire is known to some as the sweaty singer and guitarist from DEAD!DEAD!DEAD! and to others as the super guy from North Wales' all inclusive music, film and creativity charit TAPE. Either way, everyone is agreed that he's a top friend.

We recorded this chat whilst Neil was still feeling like crap from a long, long journey down from Wales to Southampton - if you could see his face during this conversation, you'd know that he really need sleep more than he needed to sit down with me and record a podcast. But that's why he's also a great friend.

Many years ago we annoyed the entire Jaegermeister company with our on stage antics at an awards show. Since then, we've been causing trouble ever since. I love him to bits and he's been there for me in many a dark and light time.


TAPE Music and Film Charity

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