A MONK'S GUIDE TO HAPPINESS, written and read by Gelong Thubten - Audiobook extract


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A guide to meditation and mindfulness written by Buddhist monk Gelong Thubten. Modern life is fast-paced and demanding - we're constantly racing from one place to the next, mentally and physically, but how often do we pause and consider whether we're truly happy? A Monk's Guide to Happiness is an insightful and practical guide to meditation, mindfulness and the nature of true, lasting happiness. This book will help you to understand the power of meditation, living in the present, and how this can transform your life. Thubten's expertise lies in teaching meditation and he's introduced mindfulness and calm into the lives of many. He's taught everywhere from law firms and banks to schools and prisons; he will teach you how to choose happiness and mental calm. Gelong Thubten draws upon all that he has learned during his many years of meditation practice, including several years in intensive retreats, and also his many years of experience teaching people from all walks of life and backgrounds, making this book accessible and rooted in reality. In A Monk's Guide to Happiness, Thubten teaches us how to meditate, how to be more 'awake' in life, how to train our minds and reprogramme our stress response and how to introduce 'micro moments' of mindfulness into our daily lives. Through mindfulness we can discover the deeper potential of the mind - our inherent compassion, wisdom and true freedom.

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