Body Love in Pregnancy and Postpartum with Chrissy Powers, LMFT


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In today's episode I'm welcoming back Chrissy Powers, LMFT to Holding Space Podcast! In our last episode we discussed Anxiety in Motherhood, and in today's episode we're exploring body image and body love during pregnancy and postpartum. Chrissy shares her history with an eating disorder and the journey she took to honor and care for her body through her experiencing of becoming a mother.

A few resources were mentioned in the episode, including Chrissy's Body Love blog post with an included guide which you can find here. She also mentioned Christa Black Gifford's meditations and the book The Wild Woman's Way. Chrissy is offering a free Masterclass this Friday December 6th at 9:30 am called The 3 Step System to Finding Your Passion, which you can register for here! To continue to follow Chrissy's work you can find her at @chrissyjpowers and

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