Discovering the delights of Schaffhausen, Rhine Falls and Stein am Rhein


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Although it is one of the smaller cantons of Switzerland, the canton of Schaffhausen is quite well known thanks to the Rhine Falls. Many visitors come to the area on a day trip from Zurich and I too am guilty of doing just that.

With so much more to see and do in the canton than just the Rhine Falls, I invited Patricia Seif from Schaffhauserland Tourism to tell me more about this northern part of Switzerland.

Patricia not only works at the Tourist Office, she also takes guided tours of Schaffhausen, so she knows the whole area intimately and her passion for her home town is evident.

As well as discovering all the highlights of the canton, there are lots of interesting and fun facts that you'll learn in this episode, too.

Did you know, for instance, that the canton of Schaffhausen shares 80% of its borders with Germany and only 20% with other Swiss cantons? Or that the city of Schaffhausen is home to 171 oriel windows - the most in any town in Switzerland?

These are just some of the interesting facts and tips you'll learn in this episode that will have you adding Schaffhausen to your Swiss itinerary.
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