Festive fun at Switzerland's Christmas Markets


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From late November until Christmas Eve, market stalls appear in many cities and towns across Switzerland. These Christmas Markets are a much loved tradition and offer not only a place to purchase gifts and specialty items for Christmas, but also a chance to socialise and catch up with friends.

In this episode of the podcast, I chat with three Swiss locals - Natascha Martin from Basel Tourism, Diccon Bewes from Bern, and Celine Guido from Montreux-Vevey Tourism - who share the highlights of their city's Christmas Market and tell us about other festive events that are worth a visit.

Even if a Swiss Christmas isn’t on the cards for you this year, after hearing what my guests have to say, I’m sure there will be plenty of reasons to make a Swiss Christmas a priority for you in the future.
For more information about the Christmas markets and events mentioned, and the full show notes, visit https://holidaystoswitzerland.com/episode34.
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