Regional Pass Berner Oberland - your travel ticket for the Bernese Oberland


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One of the many wonderful things to do in Switzerland is to ride a cable car, funicular or mountain railway to the top of a mountain peak. There are tons and tons of choices for mountain excursions right across the country, and nowhere more so than in the Jungfrau Region.
But having such a huge choice of excursions can also cause a bit of a dilemma. Which ones do you choose and how will you afford them?
That’s where transport – or rail – passes come in. With just one ticket, you can ride on mountain railways, cable cars and funiculars as well as the regular public transport system within a certain area.

On previous episodes of the podcast we’ve chatted about the Swiss Travel Pass and the Jungfrau Travel Pass and today it’s time to discover all the benefits of the Regional Pass Berner Oberland with my special guest, Jana Amacher.
Discover all the benefits of the Regional-Pass Berner Oberland in this episode.
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