Trip Report: A Honeymoon in Switzerland


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In this episode we chat with Margo and Eric, members of the Switzerland Travel Planning Facebook group from Cleveland, Ohio. They recently returned from their honeymoon in Switzerland after it was delayed for twelve months due to the pandemic.
Margo and Eric generously shared their tips and the highlights of their trip with the Facebook group members both during their travels and on their return home, and they are joining me in this episode to tell us all about their honeymoon in Switzerland.
In this episode you'll hear:

  • Margo and Eric's story, where they live and how they decided on Switzerland as the destination for their honeymoon
  • An overview of their trip
  • How they traveled around Switzerland
  • Where they stayed and what they did in each destination
  • Meals they enjoyed
  • What surprised them about Switzerland
  • What they would do differently next time
  • Margo and Eric's tips for first time travelers to Switzerland

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