Trip Report: Traveling Switzerland at a slower pace


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My guests in this episode are Gary and Cathy Martin from Seattle who recently spent a month’s vacation in Switzerland.

After a couple of very brief visits in the past, they were longing to return to Switzerland and planned this trip to celebrate Gary’s retirement.

Gary and Cathy created a trip that combined some of Switzerland’s most popular destinations with a number of incredible authentic experiences that they have a personal connection with.

With four weeks to explore the country, they were able to slow down, stay longer in each destination, meet the locals and really appreciate the beauty of Switzerland and the peace and quiet it offers.
In this episode you'll learn:

  • Gary and Cathy's story and why they chose to visit Switzerland for their month-long trip
  • Their itinerary and why they chose each destination
  • How they travelled around Switzerland
  • Where they stayed and what they did in each location
  • Authentic experiences they enjoyed
  • Their tips for making the most of your Swiss vacation

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