Visiting Mt Rigi - The Queen of the Mountains


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Switzerland is known for its snow capped mountain peaks and for every mountain - regardless of how high it is - there’s usually a mountain railway or a cable car to take you to the top.
In fact, Switzerland is home to Europe’s oldest mountain railway, the Rigibahn, and in 2021 the railway is celebrating its 150th anniversary. It’s incredible to think how many tourists must have taken the journey to the top of Mt. Rigi in a century and a half.

A lot has changed in 150 years but one thing has remained the same - the breathtaking 360 degree views from the top of Mt. Rigi.

In today’s episode I’m joined by Frederich Fussenich, the CEO of Rigi Railways, who tells us about the history of the railway and shares all the reasons a visit to Mt. Rigi should be top of your list when you are in Central Switzerland.
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