528 FBF: Self-Governance With Tea Party Co-Founder Mark Meckler


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Today's Flash Back Friday comes from Episode 242, originally published in January 2015.

Mark Meckler appears on today's show with Jason Hartman. He is the co-founder of the Tea Party Patriots and is the first tea party member to appear on Jason's show. Mark breaks down why the tea party is hated so much, he also talks about changing the constitution to limit government power, the growing desire to not be controlled by our government and more.

Key Takeaways:

1:15 – Mark started protesting in 2009 and created the Tea Party that same year.

4:00 – Mark and associates hosted the largest multi-city protest in world history to date.

6:45 – Jason asks why do people hate the tea party so much?

12:10 – Is a balanced government budget wise?

17:10 – Mark explains how an amendment convention would work.

21:00 – People are in big support for the amendment convention and Mark lists some famous names in politics who want to see it happen.

24:00 – There are a lot of democratic states who are voting for republican representatives.

27:10 – Will we see a secession in the United States?

28:50 – Technology is dissolving a lot of government power.

30:10 – Remember, the larger the government, the smaller the citizen.

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