‘Cobra Kai’ Creators & All-Valley Wine Tournament


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On their own, Jon Hurwitz and Josh Heald have more-than-impressive track records for launching and furthering well-known film franchises. Heald wrote the comedy classic Hot Tub Time Machine and its hilarious sequel. Meanwhile, Hurwitz (with writing partner Hayden Schlossberg) has written all three Harold & Kumar movies and directed the 2012 installment of the American Pie franchise, American Reunion. Last year, this comedy coalition joined forces to relaunch the original Karate Kid franchise in the form of YouTube Red’s series Cobra Kai, which this time gives the underdog story to original bad guy Johnny Lawrence as he finds himself tormented by a grown and successful Daniel LaRusso. In honor of the All-Valley Tournament from the original Karate Kid, Heald and Hurwitz join this episode to help referee a three-round showdown between big, corporate wines and the plucky upstarts looking to challenge them in their categories. Along the way, they discuss their collegiate bonds, their mutual escapes from the business path, and how drinks sessions with both Ralph Macchio (LaRusso) and Billy Zabka (Lawrence) helped get Cobra Kai off the ground.

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