Screenwriter Karen McCullah & Reims Champagne


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If you’re a studio executive looking to bring some hard-core humor to a female-centric comedy script, there’s a good chance Karen McCullough is at the top of your list of potential writers. After all, she wrote 10 Things I Hate About You, The House Bunny, and Legally Blonde (along with its upcoming sequel) alongside her writing partner Kirsten Smith. Meanwhile, her solo work includes the draft that got Girls Trip made—as well as countless other rewrites and feature scripts. As she helps Ben, Tom and guest host Arvind Ethan David mow through three bottles of Reims Champagne, Karen talks about how Legally Blonde 3 began to bubble up over the years, how she began her screenwriting career from New Mexico, and why she has no plans (thank you very much) to follow the writing herd to television.

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