5 Ways to uncover your home and interior design style


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Ep 2: Do you know your home design style? Do you wonder if you even have a design style? And does your home style even matter? Maybe you don’t know what style you like, or can’t decide because you like everything.
Well, you’re not alone and knowing your design style can help kick design overwhelm to the curb and help you save time and money when you’re designing and decorating your home. So, listen to figure out your design style and help you move forward with your home’s design.
What to listen for in this episode:

  • What are the different home and interior design styles
  • Can you combine styles and create a hybrid
  • Why figuring out what “isn’t” your style is just as important
  • See how store catalogs can help you figure out your design style
  • How your own closet can help you figure out your design style
  • The difference betweeen appreciation and your actual style

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Episode 2

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