6 Must-Know DIY Tips


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Ep 4: So many design mistakes can be avoided by knowing (and DOing) a few simple, yet important, DIY design tips. And even though they might seem so simple, I see people miss these tips all the time.

Once you know these simple DIY tips, you can confidently move forward when designing and decorating your home.

What to listen for in this episode:

  • How patience is your friend when it comes to home design and decorating
  • The famous saying that will save you money and help you avoid bad decisions
  • My "dead body" trick for buying furniture for your home
  • How knowing your design style can help you
  • Store clerks aren’t the only ones who should take inventory.
  • How your home habits impact your design
  • What to do when you’re over your head

Show notes:
Episode 4

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