How to Figure Out Your Design Budget


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Ep16: Today's episode is all about the "B" word in design...Budgets. It may not be the most exciting topics in design, but's it's one of the most important ones.
The truth is, we often don't know what our budget is becasue we don't know how much things actually cost. Or, you might be worried thinking that if you share your budget with your designer or contractor that they're going to spend it all. If either of those sound like you, don't're not alone.
Listen in to discover how to get your budget figured out so you can save time and avoid headaches down the road.
What to listen for:

  • Why you need a design budget
  • Why it's important to share your project budget with your contractor and/or designer
  • How to easily create your design budget
  • Why you might want to break up your design project in phases.

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Episode 16

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