Three Tips to Style and Accessorize Your Room


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Ep 13: Have you ever wondered how the rooms on your favorite design shows on Netflix and HGTV always look perfectly styled and accessorized? They make it look SO easy, right?
What 3 styling tips and rules do the pros know that you don’t? And how can you finally accessorize your home with confidence so you get that designer look?
Styling and accessorizing is the last, but really important, step in the design process. And while those little accents seem small, they can actually make or break a room design.
What to listen for in this episode:

  • Skipping styling and accessorizing is like running a marathon and stopping a few miles short of the finish line
  • How to use "threes" in your design
  • What shape you need to remember when styling and accessorizing your rooms
  • Why the numbers 60/30/10 are important in your room

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Episode 13

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