Full Moon in Capricorn + New Moon in Leo — Astrology + Energy Forecast July 2022


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in today's episode, we explore the astrology of July 2022. this includes mars squaring pluto, mars + mercury leaving their home signs, the full moon in capricorn, venus entering cancer, the sun entering Leo, Jupiter stationing retrograde, and the new moon in leo.

As opposed to the social butterfly, overbooking energy we had in June, this month things become more concentrated. Fewer decisions, fewer information streams. More tides, more connection, more internal + more quiet.

we discuss —

  • Mars squaring Pluto
  • Mars entering Taurus with the North Node + Uranus
  • Mercury entering Cancer
  • Full moon in Capricorn
  • Mercury cazimi
  • Mercury + the Sun opposing Pluto
  • Venus entering Cancer
  • Mercury entering Leo
  • Sun entering Leo
  • Mercury squaring Mars
  • Jupiter stationing retrograde
  • New moon in Leo


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We read the poem “Magnificat” by Mary Ruefle on today’s episode.

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