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Are you a business owner who needs to hire and doesn’t know how to find the right people that you can trust or count on? Perhaps you are an HR Director who is having high turnover and needs to hire people in order for your company to grow. Or maybe you’re just someone looking to improve your hiring process. You’ve come to the right place. Home Run Hiring takes the stress of hiring off your plate! Hosted by Andrea Hoffer, we provide easy to follow tips and steps to improve your hiring results.Andrea Hoffer has been in the business of hiring people for 30 years. She is currently the Founder and CEO of AHA! Business Consulting. The core purpose of AHA! is to give business owners their time and freedom back by helping them find, keep, & train the RIGHT team members. Andrea, a former spa owner where she managed 35 employees, knows first-hand the everyday challenges of motivating employees, exceeding customer expectations, and meeting business and revenue goals. She struggled with high-turnover and lack of good candidates and is now helping companies to recruit, hire, onboard, and engage their team members. Her main goal is to help the right candidates match with the right companies and positions. She has found that one person may be successful at one company or in one position, but not a fit for another company. She enjoys finding the right team members for your company and later hearing about how those team members flourished.While AHA! helps fill positions at all levels, Andrea has a special focus on frontline employees. She recently shared in an interview, “We often hear, why even bother investing in finding the right frontline employee when they’re only going to stay a few months and they’re not going to care anyway? What’s the point? While a lot of them may be transitional type positions, it is so important to get the right people in the right position. It’s no secret that our team can make or break our business. You may hire the right person for your organization, but if they don’t enjoy doing the responsibilities of the position they were hired for, they’re not going to be successful and, in turn, your business won’t be either.”Many businesses and companies thrive, are profitable and are successful mainly because they attract and keep top talent in all positions. High turnover and disenfranchised employees can kill business growth, be costly, and create tremendous stress for the business owner. Hiring not done right is going to cause you more pain in the long run and on the front end. Avoid hiring out of desperation. Take the steps necessary to attract and effectively select the right team members and be on your way to more profits and less stress.Here at Home Run Hiring, we give you easy to follow tips to help you find, keep, and train the right team members. We will help you recruit all-star employees by teaching you how to tailor your recruiting process to attract engaged candidates. If you’re ready to find your next rock stars, join Andrea every week as she shares some tips and strategies on how to engage your team and how to hire the right people by providing tools to streamline and improve the effectiveness of your employee selection process. We will help you to not only improve the quality of your hire and improve the retention of your employees and customers but to better your team and better yourselves as well.Fall back in love with your business again and find what originally inspired you. Feel good about yourself and the people you work with. Spend a little bit of your time with us here on Home Run Hiring and discover how you can be more efficient as a company with reduced turnover, more productive team members, and, even better than all of that, more effective communication.Hire RIGHT. Hire FAST. Hire STRESS-FREE! with Andrea Hoffer here on Home Run Hiring!

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