Selfies and the Image of God with Craig Detweiler


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Selfies are ubiquitous. They can be silly or serious, casual or curated. Within moments, smart phone users can capture their image and post it across multiple social media platforms to a global audience. But do we truly understand the power of image in our image-saturated age? How can we seek God and care for each other in digital spaces?

Well this week on the podcast we will tackle these questions with my friend, scholar, and guru of the cinema Craig Detweiler. Since the last time he was on the podcast he became President of The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology.

Craig Detweiler is a U.S. author, filmmaker, theologian, and cultural commentator who is the third president of The Seattle School of Theology & Psychology in Seattle, Washington.

Toward the end of the podcast I mention my recent film The Road to Edmond and now you can watch it online. So do it.

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