130: How We Homeschool Through a Pandemic


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We’re not experts on homeschooling through a pandemic, but we are here to process this new reality with you. Our calendars might be empty, but there’s A LOT happening every day: checking in with family and friends, keeping up with news and information, planning and cooking and cleaning a lot more than normal, managing more (and bigger!) emotions and conflicts… and of course, there’s homeschooling. We talk about how we can support our kids and ourselves through this challenging experience, and we talk about what we’re actually doing (and NOT doing) for homeschool right now.

Highlights from this episode

-Transitions are HARD, and we are navigating all kinds of changes with social distancing, schooling, spouses at home, and staying up on a global pandemic and its impact on our own lives. Kids are very intuitive about our energy. If we’re stressed or anxious, they’re going to feel the effects of that. They will need more grace and support as they come in contact with new and complicated emotions and a dramatic change in their routines.

-How can we support our kids? One thing we can do is to NOT ask too much of them. Voluntary or involuntary homeschool is not school, but this is also not a normal version of being home! Hold space for bigger emotions and reactions, and approach our kids’ feelings and responses with support, connection, and curiosity. Engage in pleasant common experiences that help us all feel connected and safe. Find a way to get into THEIR world to re-establish a connection after a hard interaction, like a meltdown or argument.

-How can we support ourselves? Delegate! You can’t possibly do all the chores alone. Establish a daily habit of self-care: naps, taking walks, yoga, bingeing a show, talking with a friend, etc. Relax your standards: This is not the time to implement major screen time limitations. Prioritize connection for everyone in your house with tools like FaceTime, Zoom, Marco Polo, text, online games with friends, etc.

-What about homeschool? The priority right now is HEALTH: physical, mental, and emotional. Everything we do should be in support of that priority. Kids are learning all the time, so it will be ok if your kids do nothing "academic" right now. Instead of adding on more, look at paring down and stay open to adapting often.

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