Ep. 44 What Trump Got To Say Now?


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Whatsup homies! WE STILL ALIVE 2020 is almost over y'all we in the home stretch now. This episode is short sweet and to the point. Trump got Corona virus ish is getting really real out here! we talk about it a little bit plus we go over the new Hollywood un-solved mystery: Meg and Tory Lanez. Did Tory shoot meg? Did Meg make it up? All things we want to get the answers to. We even double back to Monica and Brandy's Versus just like we promised, we remembered. To finish up we close out talking about the hottest shows and music that we are watching. We love you guys we really do we bout to ramp up this content family, thanks for always supporting us it really means a lot. Don't forget to follow us on IG: @HomieLoverFriendPodcast and on Twitter: @HmeLvrFrndPod to keep up with us between episodes.

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