Episode 19 I Don't Need Your Situation Sis.....


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What's up CTcrew here is Episode 19 I Don't Need Your Situation Sis, Black history month has ended and "we" left this month with a bang! well almost. We start the episode off with talking about who we went to for relationship advice as teen, and we tied that in with a full on intervention B and I had with a listener over Instagram. After that we reminisce on the first time we were cheated on and how it effects how we trust. Next we discuss whats at the top of the blogs including the Jordyn Woods situation and how Spike Lee got his first Oscar along with the many others who won as well. We also fall down the rabbit hole looking up all the blacks who haven't got Oscar's for their best work; we've come to the conclusion that we might be done with the Oscar's. Don't Forget to like comment and subscribe wherever you are listening, check out our IG: Couplestherapypodcast we lit and Share this podcast support and love one another. We out, Peace.

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