Episode 28 There is no figuring it out....JUST LIVE!


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Happy Saturday folks Episode 28 There is no it out. JUST LIVE! this episode is great! We start straight out the gate with debating the best movie soundtracks for the golden era of black movies. Great songs on this list for sure! Then We dive into the name sake of the episode "JUST LIVE" a IG clip from Gary V were he talked about how parents pressure their kids into "figuring" life out at such a young age, and how hypocritical it is to expect it from us when they've never figured life out themselves. After that we jump to "for the culture" and trying to figure out what the heck Apryl Jones is doing out her on the internets? Diddy is hinting that he might bring back making the Band. Are you here for it? We catch you guys up with the current state of BET and how we foreshadow this rebirth.

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