Episode 29 "Black Men Don't Cheat....Trust Me."


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Whats going on fam! Now, we introduce to you: Homie Lover Friend Podcast! Don't Worry its us, this is the new surprise that we had for you guys. We hope you like it. This is Ep. 29 and keeping it going right where we off. We start off by explain why we made this change and what the new name mean to us. Then our first topic is how Nicole Murphy and how she is entirely too old for these rumors that she got going on. Next we discuss a post that was on the gram about how "Woman can no longer afford to save broken men." Also Bow Wow did again. SMH. Do a lil Taco Tuesday talking about Lebron and how the world of social media is nothing but a bunch of haters. Plus we do review of our epic night at the movies watching the new "Lion King"

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