Episode 3 Barbra...this is Shirley (Woman2Woman)


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Latest episode of The Couples Therapy Podcast Episode 3 Barbara...this is Shirley (Woman2Woman) \\\\\\Breakdown of the show////// Opening: Keep us on track Back in my day: Fathers day Whats the first song you knew all the words to? (14:22) The Candy lady (25:50) Last time you rode a bike (38:32) Couples Therapy: Barbra This Shirley (The Modern role of a side Chick) Every thing is love(52:21) Spider Break(1:01:00) Marriage, is worth it? cont. (1:05:00) Put you up on Game: Black ink Crew(breaking down the the side chick) (1:11:00) Closing:(1:37:00) comment, share, like and subscribe. Email us @ thecoupletherapypodcast@gmail.com We Out!

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