Episode 30 I'm Not a Businessman I'm a Business...Man!


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Hey folks, its Episode 30 "I Not a Businessman I'm a Business...Man!" So it was B Birthday on the 17th so we recap our activities and what have you. Next we on a tangent about the the Popeye's Chicken sandwich fiasco, breaking it all the way down to the bun. Then we take it to a more serious place disusing the Jay-Z NFL deal and how we, the black community are on the fence about it. Last we talk about our Top 5 R&B groups of all time and debate what we come up with. You guy's definitely don't want to miss this one. Don't Forget to like, comment and subscribe wherever you are listening, check out our IG: Homieloverfriendpodcast we lit and Share this podcast support and love one another. We out, Peace.

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