Episode 32 "Remix to Submission"


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Episode 32 " Remix to Submission" Happy Monday "Homie's" New installment here of Homie Lover Friends Podcast. We know we late, but hey better late than never right? There's been a lot of foolishness going on out here so we definitely want to give the people our takes on it. So for starters this Takashi 69 mess, we give our honest opinion of whats going on and grade some of the best memes made in light of the situation. Next we get into a serious discussion about the statements and backlash of Mrs. Fantasia on black woman being single because of there lack of submissiveness.We dive very deep in search to understand why woman are so turned off by the word and what it really means. Lastly we talk about some new shows that we are watching on Netflix and get hype about the new trailer of the Real Housewives of Atlanta. Don't Forget to like, comment and subscribe wherever you are listening, check out our IG: Homieloverfriendpodcast we lit and Share this podcast support and love one another. We out, Peace.

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