Episode 6 The Curious Case of CTG(K>T>S>E) Feat. AJ.


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Latest episode of The Couples Therapy Podcast Episode 6 The Curious Case of CTG Feat. Brittany's Brother AJ. \\\\\\Breakdown of the show////// Opening: AJ learning the ropes (intro)...... Back In My Day: Foods that You didn't like as a kid, learned to love as an adult. School Lunch (flint public schools dropped the ball again) Ain't no Couple's Therapy bih (just this week): For The Culture: The Curious Case of CTG (K>T>S>E) Breaking Down the Situation. The Evolution of Americans and how to be thorough. *CONSPIRACY MINUTE * Put You Up On Game: AJ's list of things you should to take a look at. Closing *****Make sure you check us out next Episode got a good one Planned.**** Take a listen on: Apple https://itunes.apple.com/…/pod…/couples-therapy/id1386246969 and Google Podcast https://www.google.com/podcasts… EMAIL: Thecouplestherapypodcast@gmail.com

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