Eating Comb Honey (018)


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So, how do you eat comb honey? It isn’t a mystery, but until you have tried eating comb honey, it can be a tad daunting.

At first, it’s a beautiful product. Snow white cappings, beautiful honey, the perfect sweetener. But then, you take a sample and that chunk of comb honey begins to leak, and the honey runs out and covers the bottom of the dish you have it on, along with tiny chunks of the wax from the cells and the cappings and the foundation. Suddenly it’s messy. Very messy. And the beauty of the honey only remains in the eye of the beholder.

The plastic honey bear has made eating honey easy, neat, clean, and not messy. It has taken comb honey mostly off the tables of several generations of beekeepers and the people who like eating honey. Beekeepers make far less of it than when your grandparents were keeping bees and people now don’t know what it is, how to handle it, nor how to eat it.

And consider - comb honey is the least processed, best tasting honey you can eat. And the bees do it all. No harvesting, no extracting, no filtering, no heating, no bottling, and never touched by human hands.

So, how do you eat comb honey? Just as fast as you can and then ask for seconds. It’s that good.


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