Troubling Questions (032)


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Kim and Jim ask some interesting questions this week, maybe some you’ve asked yourself, or perhaps you asked a close friend.

For instance, should a colony being used for honey production spend time and energy raising drones? Or should a beekeeper be getting rid of drones? There are some who believe so.

And where do you go to get good information when you have a honey bee question? The web? And if so, which websites do you seek out? What about books and magazines? And for what subjects? Is there a single source?

And was there some advice a respected and trusted source gave you long ago that you used for years, but finally figured out it was bad advice? There’s probably several things you still do that you shouldn’t, right?

And the first question? What’s the one thing in your beekeeping life that you are most proud of? And why?

Join Kim and Jim, and try and answer their questions this week. Let them know if you can…..


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