"Winter Is Coming" aka Planning For Winter (039)


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There’s a saying – Winter Begins in August and it’s already September. It’s time to start thinking about getting ready for winter.

What can and what should you be thinking about? Well, if winter is cold where you are, can you move your bees to somewhere that’s warm? If moving bees is at all possible.

What about indoor wintering? It used to be popular and it’s coming back, but the indoors are a lot more sophisticated than they used to be. Is that possible?

And are your bees winter hardy, or are they softies? And can you fix that yet this year with a tougher queen? And absolutely get varroa under control. Yesterday.

What about food? How was/is/will be the fall flow this fall? Enough, not enough, need more? And if not, how much will you have to find for them?

And what equipment will you need when you really get ready for winter? Get it now, or it may be gone. It’s time to start thinking about winter, isn’t it.


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