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Ron McKee - The Striper Maineiac - might be most famous for his incredibly high-quality striper plugs and his stunning hand-built rods. But what you may not know is he's also a helluvan angler. He holds more trophies than most people own fishing lures, and your fishing heroes were and are Ron's fishing buddies.

But Ron McKee didn't become famous because of a well-managed Instagram account, or great photography uploaded to YouTube. Ron built his fame by standing in the water and fishing. And fishing. And fishing. And when he wasn't fishing, he listened to other great anglers. And he read. And he shared. And he researched. And then he went fishing again. And then he rinsed and repeated.

Ron McKee is a member of the old school, when if you weren't the real deal, you didn't get to claim to be part of dream team. And when you listen to Ron talk, you can hear that. Ron's knowledge of striped bass runs deep. Almost as deep as his passion, which is seemingly endless.

Enjoy this interview. We feel very lucky and very thankful to have had Ron sit down with us. He's an incredibly generous and entertaining man, and he's a blast to talk with.

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