COMMENTARY: The Crazies (2010)


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What is more spine-chilling, blood-curdling, and alliterative than spooky skeletons, ghastly ghouls, and zoophagous (look it up) zombies? Answer: HoopleCast's third entry in its series of unnecessary commentary tracks for Timothy Olyphant movies! In celebration of All Hallows Eve, Claire and Tammy of Calavicci FashionCast are here to blabberwocky their way through The Crazies, a remake of the George A. Romero film and prequel to Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy. (Or, Galaxy of the Guardians, if you're Matt and don't know movie titles.) As neighbor turns pitchfork against neighbor, our heroes Timothy Olyphant and perennial "oh, that guy" Joe Anderson, fight to survive against whatever is making the people of the very barn-heavy town of Ogden Marsh, Iowa go supes crazy. Hence, the title. | Tags: They Cling To Their Baseball Mitts And Their Guns (America In A Nutshell), InfoWars: The Musical, Sorry, Timothy Olyphant Is Doing Carpentry, Apocalyptic Hellscape Movie (AKA America 2017), Get These Motherfuckin' Crazies Outta My Motherfuckin' Town, That Fetus Is Out of Control, Enough With The Twin Peaks References, Truck Full Of Bowling Balls Or Truck Full Of Babies, Disney World Would Blow Their Barn Minds, The United States of America Hereby Extends An Open Invitation To Claire To Visit One Of Its Many Fine Car Washes, Sort Your Face Out, Jennifer Garner. | Send feedback to Find our recording schedule, show notes, discussion threads, and more at | Recorded October 14, 2017. Released October 31, 2017. [Warning: Explicit Language.]

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