A Walk to Forgiveness


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For this episode we will hear the journey's of two beautiful women (Sharon Spirk & Wendy Crane) who have walked to forgiveness after one's marriage was disrupted by the other. I honor them for their honesty, vulnerability and transparency. Not many would reveal what is often hidden in the dark.

Forgiveness is often easier said than done particularly when we feel our hurt and bitterness are justified. Still I recommend you contemplate who you need to forgive while listening. Perhaps it will be yourself. Regardless, forgiveness is always for you not the other person. I'm not saying the hurt or grievance that you suffered was not valid. Nor am I saying you will "feel" like forgiving anyone. I'm saying as an act of your will, forgive and let go of the hurt so you can begin the journey towards your own freedom.

I’d like to add, please make sure you are not listening in judgement against either woman. They are both beautiful and aren’t we all glad when we received forgiveness it was unconditional. Finally, please excuse the sound as we had technical difficulty on this episode. Sincerely, Dr. Angela

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