The Making of a Worshiper: Holding on Through Trial to Victory


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There are singers and then there are worshipers. Pastor Ricardo White is a Worshiper. His life’s journey to become a worshiper is fascinating. However the deep, longing that draws the Lords presence comes in part from living through an unexpected trial of walking through the death of his first wife. Words in print could never convey the trauma of losing a spouse leaving him alone to parent their 17 year old son and 22 year old daughter. Yet worship was his way through the trauma and into Freedom. For this episode he is joined by his beautiful wife, Elizabeth who has also walked through unexpected twists and turns that lead to her becoming a worshiper as well. If you have lived through a trauma, such as the death of a spouse, or even divorce, separation or any trauma and you want hope then listen to their story. My question to you is will you choose to hold on through the storms of life to see the victory? If you do not quit, you win! Will you choose worship as an anchor to your soul and a way through the storm? Find out about their individual journeys and how God brought them together. God is the ultimate comforter. You can also dive deeper into Ricardo’s life by purchasing his book The Anchor: Holding on Through Trial to True Victory. You can also find Ricardo’s music online through his own website ­ or his latest songs of worship with Life Center Worship (LCW) found on apple music. Follow on Facebook

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